We work in an independent way, free from pressures or interests.
The information obtained through the mediation process is confidential.
Impartiality and neutrality
We have no preference regarding the parties or the matters in discussion and we do not formulate personal judgments
Treating the parties with equity
We assure that both parties participate equitably in the mediation process.
We have specific training for the work we do.
We adapt the mediation process to the needs and the interest s of the parties.
Respect for the best interest of the child
When there are children involved, we promote the respect for the needs and interest of the child in question.
Respect for the parties self-determination
The parties are responsible for attending the mediation process and for the decisions that are made throughout the process.
Respect for different systems of values, families, religions and cultures
We respect the individuality of each person and each family.
Respect for different professions
We respect and cooperate with the different professions that might be involved in solving the family conflict.
Respect for the law
We guide the mediation process within the boundaries imposed by the law, without providing legal advice.
Treating each family conflict case-by-case
We believe that each family conflict has its own particularities and that its solution is different case-by-case.