Afonso's family

Once upon a time there was a family, Mommy, Daddy and me.

We lived the three in the same house and I thought Mommy and Daddy would be together forever.

But one day Mommy and Daddy were sad. I did many things to cheer them up but it did not work. They told me they had grownup things to solve and that they were not sad with me but I was still a little bit sad.

Then another day Mommy and Daddy told me that they were friends and that they decided to live in different houses to get along better. So we wouldn’t live all together in the same house anymore but we would have two houses. Sometimes Mom would take care of me and other times Dad would take care of me. And sometimes we would meet all in the same house. They told me they loved me and that they would be my Mom and Dad forever.

I was a little scared because my friend John told one day me his Dad went to live to another house and that he only sees him sometimes.

But then Mommy took me to Daddy’s house and Daddy took me to Mommy’s house many times. They always talk to each other and I understood they were really friends because I also talk to my friends and I go to their houses.
I am happy because when I am with Mommy or with Daddy because they are not sad anymore and we do fun games.

I spend some days at Mommy’s house and other days at Daddy’s house. When I am at Mommy’s and I want to tell Daddy something, Mom calls Dad and I tell him everything. And Daddy does the same.

I love Mommy and Daddy because they play with me and they take care of me. And I like having two houses because I can always be with them.

They are the best Mom and Dad in the world!

The end

Afonso, 9 years old